A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s computer and contains information. Cookies are normally used to improve the website for the visitor.

There are two types of cookies:

Persistent cookies: This is a file that is saved on the visitor’s computer and remains there until the duration expires. This file is used, for example, to make it easier for visitors to use the website according to their preferences and interests. They disappear earlier if the visitor chooses to delete cookies from the website.

Session cookies: This cookie is temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer’s memory during the time the visitor is on the website. It disappears when the visitor closes their browser.

What Cookies Does Västergötlands museum use?

On our website, we use cookies for popular external media services, such as Google Maps and YouTube. Before these cookies are placed on your device, you need to consent to the use of services in the “External Media” group (or selected services in the “External Media” group). Without your consent, placeholders are placed over content from these services that can be unlocked with your consent.

Västergötland Museum also uses Google Analytics to collect data on website usage. With the help of Google’s tools, we can, for example, investigate broken links, get statistics on how many visitors a post has received or see how visitors navigate the site. We need your consent to place cookies linked to this service on your device.

The details of the cookies used on the website are listed below.

Cookie Details