Permanent Exhibition

Skara in the Middle Ages

Meet the Middle Ages in the museum. Skara is mentioned in a roughly 1000 year old Icelandic saga. The town was founded by the king in the very earliest years of what we call the Middle Ages, and quickly became an ecclesiastical place as well.

The power and influence that was Skara’s and Västergötland’s from the 11th to the 14th century can be difficult to comprehend when seeing today’s sleepy, small town. It was not by chance the church chose West Sweden for the location of the first episcopal seat.

In the exhibition you will face two of the oldest known objects of their kind in Sweden. One is a chair, a high seat from a church, decorated with a wolf’s head, reserved for chieftains or perhaps a visiting bishop. The other likewise belongs to the church and is one half of the oldest book in Sweden — the Skara Missal.

This exhibition is always open in the cellar of the old building.


Skaramissalet, Sveriges äldsta bok