To make your visit easier, we have compiled information about our museum on this page. Visit the Accessibility Database (, provided by Region Västra Götaland, for detailed visitor information.

There is a large, free visitor car park for cars and buses outside the museum. Parking for the disabled is available on the gable of the old museum building next to the entrance.

The door to the entrance has an automatic door opener.

Opposite the entrance there is a space to hang your outerwear. Do not leave valuables in bags or clothes hung here. You can also lock your belongings in a locker. Ask the staff at reception for a key.

Opposite the entrance, in the same space as the cloakroom, there are three toilets, one of which is equipped for the disabled. There is also a baby changing table.

The museum shop and café share the same space next to the museum reception. It can accommodate 30 seated guests. Tables and chairs are not fixed and can be moved together or apart if necessary.

You can pay by card, cash or Swish.

It is not allowed to eat packed lunches in the museum café. It is allowed in other places, such as in Fornbyn. Ask the staff at the reception if your party needs to sit indoors. If you are a larger group planning to visit us, you are welcome to pre-register your visit and inform us if you plan to eat packed lunches.

The museum’s exhibitions are located on the ground floor, in the basement of the old museum building and upstairs from the entrance. For the disabled, there is a lift upstairs and a chairlift down to the basement level.

The museum uses fragrance-free cleaning products for cleaning. Pets are not allowed on the premises (except for guide dogs).

Strong odours may be present during exhibition construction, e.g. from paint or glue.

Please ask the staff in the café about allergens in food and refreshments.

The museum cinema is self-service. Choose the film you want to see with the keypad on the wall. The cinema is equipped with a hearing loop.

The auditorium is used for lectures and other activities at the museum and is equipped with a hearing loop. The room has 62 fixed seats in a tiered seating area. For the disabled, space is always reserved in front of the tier.

Some of the museum’s exhibitions are equipped with audio environments that play automatically. The sound from these is configured so that it is not disturbing and you should not need more than a conversational tone to talk to others in your party.

Before a guided tour, the sound environments can be switched off. Please inform the responsible educator or the reception when you book if anyone in your group needs to have sound levels reduced or switched off.