Between Ice and Fire and Kata & Kättil

The place that we today call Västergötland is one of the areas with the highest number of archaeological finds in Sweden. A great number of these finds are displayed in the museum and this summer we invite you to a guided tour of the exhibitions Between Ice and Fire (Mellan is och eld) and Kata & Kättil. The tour will take us from the arrival of the first humans in Västergötland at the end of the Ice Age to the end of the Iron Age. Along the way we will see the unique shields from Fröslunda, one of Sweden’s oldest known Stone Age skeleton and the sensational findings from Varnhem. The archaeological finds from Västergötland has time and again demanded a rewriting of Swedish history and changed our knowledge of the people who for thousands of years inhabited the area we today call Sweden.

A guided tour of Skara in the Middle Ages on the following days: 22 June and 13 July.

Please note: A tour will take approximately 45 minutes and will have room for 25 participants. To guarantee a spot we recommend you to make a reservation via the link below. We meet up 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour next to the front desk at the museum. Welcome!

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