Eternalized and ”Of Internal Necessity and with Greatest Ease”

Västergötland’s museum display not only permanent exhibitions, but also temporary exhibitions that are on display for a limited amount of time. These exhibitions are good opportunities to show a selection of the almost two million artefacts from our storage facilities that have not been included in the permanent exhibitions. The two temporary exhibitions we have in place this summer are undoubtedly good examples of this. First of all we have the exhibition Eternalized (Förevigad) which has had a dual function. As an exhibition and as an inventory project. The exhibition is a magnificent example of the wide variety of portrait-making, where kings, priests, generals and nobility are pictured in paintings, on copperplates and as sculptures.

Sculptures can also be found in our second temporary exhibition ”Of Internal Necessity and with Greatest Ease” (”Av inre nödvändighet och med största lätthet”) where the work of the artist Agnes de Frumerie from Västergötland is shown in its entirety. Although Agnes’ realistic sculptures are breathtakingly beautiful, it is as a glass-artist using the pate-de-verre technique that she has become most famous.

A guided tour of Eternalized and ”Of Internal Necessity and with Greatest Ease” on the following days: 31 August.

Please note: A tour will take approximately 45 minutes and will have room for 25 participants. To guarantee a spot we recommend you to make a reservation via the link below. We meet up 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour next to the front desk at the museum. Welcome!

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