Kråk’s Mansion

This year marks the seventieth year that the Kråk’s Mansion has stood outside of Västergötland’s museum. The 17th century mansion’s last seven decades as a part of the museum is only the latest chapter in its fascinating history. During our 18th century themed week we at the museum invites you to a guided tour of this fantastic building. Just to enter the mansion and see the beautiful decor from all of the centuries it has existed is well worth a visit, but on this tour we will also tell you the thrilling story of one of the mansions owners, Henrik Magnus von Buddenbrock, who owned the mansion during the 18th century and who’s destiny came to be tightly interwoven with that of the Swedish empire.

A guided tour of Kråk’s Mansion on the following days: August 17.

Please note: A tour will take approximately 45 minutes and will have room for 25 participants. To guarantee a spot we recommend you to make a reservation via the link below. We meet up 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour next to the front desk at the museum. Welcome!

Make your reservation here.

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