Skara in the Middle Ages

Welcome to an open tour of the exhibition Skara in the Middle Ages (Skara i Medeltid). Take a break from the summer sun and join us in the basement of the museum to get an insight into what life was like in Skara in the Middle Ages. As Sweden’s first diocese and one of the largest and most important medieval cities in the country, there is no shortage of artefacts from medieval Skara. In addition to Sweden’s oldest book and piece of furniture, the exhibition includes everything from the bishop’s robes to executioner’s axes. We discuss the rise of Skara, how it came to be one of Sweden’s most important cities and, of course, what made the city lose its outstanding position.

A guided tour of Skara in the Middle Ages on the following days: 10 August.

Please note: A tour will take approximately 45 minutes and will have room for 25 participants. To guarantee a spot we recommend you to make a reservation via the link below. We meet up 15 minutes before the beginning of the tour next to the front desk at the museum. Welcome!

Make your reservation here.

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