Permanent Exhibition

Between Ice and Fire

This exhibition tells our earliest history, about the first people and about how the landscape and society was changing. The exhibition invites you to interpret the fragments from prehistory, of which we know very little apart from what the archaeological finds can tell us.

Between ice and fire the people wandered through a landscape which shaped them. The first people to inhabit these lands could have laid eyes on the ice wall gnawing on mount Billingen. The ice sea of the plain and the waters of lake Hornborga was rich in food for thousands of years. Food was later drawn from the soil with the help of domesticated animals and crops.

The landscape shaped the people and the societies they formed. Nature was eventually controlled and mastered. Metallurgy introduced new possibilities.

The exhibition is on permanent display in the museum.


Modell av järnåldersbosättning i utställningen Mellan is och eld
Fragments of One of the Fröslunda-shields
Rock Carving of a Man Wielding an Axe
Bronze Collar from Gälleberg