Book a Tour at the Museum

Book a tour of the museum for you and your group. We accept requests for when you would like to visit us. Bookings are made by appointment with one of our educators.

Each tour takes about 45 minutes to complete and has a maximum limit of 25 participants. A tour costs SEK 800 during the museum’s opening hours on weekdays and SEK 1500 in the evenings and at weekends.

Contact Details

To book your guided tour, please contact Ludvig Lhonneur, educator (contact details below). To facilitate the booking, please let us know two or three possible dates and/or times for your visit.

We would like to know the following:

  • Which tour are you interested in?
  • What date and time are you planning your visit? Please provide alternative dates/times (if possible).
  • How many people are in your group?
  • Which school or organisation do you come from?
  • If you are a school group, what year group are the pupils in?
  • Are there any special needs in the group that we need to know about?
  • Invoice details

Ludvig Lhonneur

A Tour of the Museum

Book a tour of all the exhibitions at Västergötland museum and get an overview of the spectacular finds found in and around Skara. The ’goodies’ in our exhibitions are presented such as the Fröslunda shields, the Suntak chair and the Skara Missal. The tour is a good introduction to the museum for first-time visitors and gives an overview of what the museum has to offer while leaving some for the visitor to explore.

Between Ice and Fire

Västergötland is one of Sweden’s areas with the highest density of ancient artefacts. This is clearly evident in Västergötland museum’s exhibition ‘Between Ice and Fire’, which stretches from the beginning of the Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age. In addition to one of Sweden’s oldest skeletons and the country’s longest flint axe, the exhibition also includes the world-unique Fröslunda shields. Book a tour and join us on a 10,000-year journey where you will learn about how people first came to the place that is now Sweden and how their living conditions developed and changed over the millennia.

Skara in the Middle Ages

It may be hard to imagine that the sleepy little town of Skara, with a population of just under 10,000, was once one of the largest and most important cities in the emerging kingdom of Sweden. At the Museum of Västergötland, however, there is evidence of this in the artefacts left behind by medieval Skarans. Here you’ll find Sweden’s oldest chair and book, as well as some of the country’s best-preserved medieval skeletons. Learn about what life was like for the population of a medieval metropolis and hear the story of how Skara grew to become one of the country’s most important cities, but also, of course, what led to it losing its prominent position.

Our Temporary Exhibitions

Västergötland Museum does not only consist of our permanent exhibitions. At the museum we also have two exhibition halls with temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions can be anything from modern art installations to archaeology-based historical exhibitions. Book a tour and hear our educator talk about the exhibitions currently on display.


Outside Västergötland Museum stands the open-air museum Fornbyn. Fornbyn contains some 30 buildings collected from all over the Västragötaland region and has been part of the museum since the 1920s. The oldest buildings date back to the 17th century and the newest was built as recently as 1961. The buildings are intended to show what life was like in the Swedish countryside before the advent of industrialisation, and Fornbyn displays a wide range of the buildings that our ancestors used in their everyday lives. They all contain stories that the museum educator brings to life during a tour.

Kråk Manor

In 1792, Kråk Manor was built outside Karlsborg on the banks of Lake Vättern. In 1944 it was decided that the manor house should be moved and in 1953 it came to Västergötland museum. The manor is now a gem in the museum’s collections. Book a tour to get inside the manor and hear about its over 200-year history. These walls have seen and heard a lot and there are many nooks and crannies in the manor house that are well worth exploring. Brave visitors can also hear the story of the White Lady who was sighted inside the mansion.